3 Benefits of Summer School

Are you thinking about enrolling your child in summer school? Although it tends to get a bad rap, there are many benefits for high school students when they attend a summer program like Brooks School Summer Programs

Summer school has been around and offered educational benefits for centuries, but with the drastic increase in remote learning, screen time, and isolation over the past two years, supplemental learning, socialization, exploration, and time outdoors are crucial for students.  

Contrary to popular belief, attending a summer learning program isn’t just for students who underperformed in the previous school year. In addition to providing an extra hand outside of the traditional school year, summer school allows high schoolers to exceed expectations. 

So, summer school can do wonders for both average and atypical students, which include: English language learners, students who are missing credits, students with learning difficulties, and gifted students. 

See all the benefits that summer school has to offer: 

1. College Prep and First-Hand Experience

While there are tons of books available to guide high school students in college preparation, the first-hand experience will always be better! Summer courses specifically designed to prepare students for college will allow them to gain exposure and experience in a more rigorous, more realistic curriculum that they can expect to see in college. 

At Brooks, we offer a Reading & Writing Prep for College course, designed for rising 7th to 12th graders. As Brooks Summer School’s most rigorous English course, this class is geared toward students who have a true interest in writing and/or a desire to get help with a specific writing project. 

Students in this class will choose an “anchor” writing project each week, such as a college essay, research paper, creative writing project, or other areas of interest, and receive individualized feedback as the student works through the writing process. Lessons will focus on practical grammar, language, and style skills as well as advanced writing strategies. Emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, and research skills. 

2. Get Ahead in Harder Courses

As teens continue to move forward in school, their studies and schoolwork become increasingly more challenging. Attending a summer program is a great way to be proactive for those harder upcoming courses

During a regular semester, students will have to juggle a number of more advanced classes at the same time. In summer school, they can focus on one specific course to be better prepared and focused, and they can be a step ahead of the curriculum by receiving the extra attention and tutoring they need. By strengthening their skills, students will be more prepared for more advanced classes that are to come. 

3. Improve Skills

Whether your child is doing well in school and needs more of a challenge, or they’re struggling in certain areas and need some assistance, summer school is the perfect way for them to strengthen their academic skills. 

This may be especially true for current AP students

“Taking additional study time in the summer can give students the extra time they need to improve their skills and better grasp complex terminology and concepts. Having gotten this help and guidance, they can return to school better prepared to meet the demands of AP study.”

Enroll in Summer Classes Today

If your child is ready to strengthen their skills or improve in struggling subjects, the Brooks Summer School is excited to welcome you to our program! We offer a variety of courses, focusing on academic enrichment and student-centered learning.

Small class sizes, limited to a maximum of twelve students per class, and highly qualified instructors, create the perfect learning environment to advance academically. Through our extensive portfolio of both traditional and advanced courses, Brooks creates a tailored academic environment that is right for your child.

Register today while there are still spots available. See you this summer!