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Brooks School Summer Programs

Since its establishment in 1971, Brooks School Summer Programs has proudly earned the distinction of being the premier choice for summer programs in New England. With over five decades of dedication and innovation, we’ve crafted a diverse portfolio of programs catering to all ages and interests.

When you choose Brooks School, you’re not just enrolling in a summer program; you’re becoming part of a vibrant community that has thrived here for 50 years. Our alumni, who have spent their summers with us, are living proof of the incredible memories and transformative experiences that our programs provide. Join us in creating lasting memories and embarking on life-changing adventures

More Than a Summer Camp

Our Programs

At Brooks School, we transcend the conventional idea of a mere summer camp. Our extensive range of programs, catering to ages 3 to 18, goes beyond the ordinary to empower young individuals with the skills they need for a successful future. While our participants enjoy daily activities, something extraordinary is unfolding – they are cultivating self-confidence, honing social skills, and nurturing the qualities of true leadership.

We take pride in providing summer programs that are purpose-driven and leave a lasting imprint on every child who walks through our doors. At Brooks School, we’re dedicated to unlocking potential and shaping futures.

Talented & Dedicated

Our Team

Brooks School Summer Programs is proud to hold full licensing and permits from both the Town of North Andover and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our commitment to safety and quality is unwavering.

Our team comprises passionate youth development professionals who are not just skilled but dedicated to what they do. They’re excited to share their diverse experiences and expertise with your young camper, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

We believe in a personalized approach. We’d love to connect with you directly, learn about your family, and work together to tailor the perfect experience for your child. Let’s create lasting memories and foster growth, hand in hand.

This camp must comply with regulations of MDPH and be licensed by North Andover Board of Health

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