ARTventurers is an immersive weeklong experience for those interested in exploring the many facets of the visual and performing arts.

Each one-week session of ARTventurers is uniquely themed to allow participants to explore theatre, visual arts, and music! In this integrated arts program, participants rotate daily through these three creative components, as they collaborate on a creative showcase that combines all of their artistic experiences. Outdoor activities complement and balance the arts’ focus to provide a well-rounded, immersive, and fun experience.

Like the day camp, this program is broken down by age. We have two groups (Art Explorers for 5 to 8-year-olds and Young Artists for 9 to 11-year-olds).

Meaningful and Age-appropriate

Authentic Engagement

Participants will gain experience while increasing their understanding and appreciation for the arts through instruction from passionate counselors. The opportunity to work with a choreographer, art director, and music director, brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and years of experience to provide a meaningful and long-lasting experience for our students. We believe that art is for everyone, and this is an opportunity to take the first steps to explore the arts in a meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Appreciation for the arts

Sing, Act, Create and Play

In ARTventurers the only limitations are one’s imagination. Come to explore theatre, music, and visual arts, leave with a new appreciation and understanding. The carefully crafted schedule seeks to maximize exposure to the visual and performing arts while offering a balance with outdoor play. Participants will find the opportunity to engage in traditional camp activities ranging from organized games to crafts. All activities are led by dedicated youth development professionals.

Weekly Showcase

Long-Lasting Memories

The focus of ARTventurers is on exploring theatre, visual arts, and music through the lens of a thematic week. By separating children into two distinct groups, we can ensure instruction is age-appropriate and that each child has the opportunity to work in an environment that will help them grow.

Each session will culminate in a showcase that celebrates the children and highlights all of their artistic experiences and work into one event. Families will be invited to join us each Friday in the capstone event as we celebrate these young artists.


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