Get Ready to Dive In

One of the most memorable activities of any summer day camp experience is swimming. There’s something to be said about the calm sunny days and enjoying an afternoon by the pool. At Brooks School Summer Programs, we know this too, and that’s why swim lessons and free swim are a cornerstone of the day camp. We are confident that we offer an unmatched swim program. Each child is assessed and receives individualized daily morning swim instruction led by a member of our American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. Afternoons offer the opportunity to free-swim in our two large outdoor pools supervised by certified lifeguards.We put together this list so you know both what to bring, and what we’ll have for you.


Everyone should definitely bring their own swimsuit. Preferably, it might be best to bring more than one if your child prefers to put on a dry suit in the afternoon.


If campers like, they can bring their own swim goggles to help with seeing in the pool. These aren’t required, but some feel it helps with a lot of swim time.


Campers bring their own towel to dry off and get ready for the next activity. Again, more than one towel is nice, but not necessary.


While we all love the bright and sunny weather of summer, we can’t recommend enough that everyone bring sunscreen. Since sunscreen can wash off while swimming, bringing extra to reapply afterwards can be a lifesaver.

Change of Clothes (or two)

Having a change of clothes makes for a fresh start to the rest of the day after swim lessons. Having an extra set can come in handy too after free swim in the afternoons.

Water Shoes

When it comes to walking around the pool, and overall just enjoying the summer, we recommend packing a pair of water shoes. While we all love flip flops, they pose a tripping hazard, so it is best to leave those at home.

Having all these items will make for a great day swimming. To learn more about our swim programs, or our other activities, see more about the day camp.