How Kids Can Make Friends and Learn New Skills This Summer

Over the past year (and then some) we’ve all been staying home and staying safe when it comes to friends and loved ones. This was naturally the smart and correct choice to make, as COVID-19 was a significant factor in a lot of plans and unexpected changes the past year. It’s fair to say that nobody could have quite expected how much of an impact it would end up having on our lives.

The good news is that with vaccines rolling out and becoming more and more available and implemented throughout the country, and the world, we are getting to a point where we can once again safely return to social activities, especially outdoor adventures and learning experiences such as summer camps.

However, we’ve learned that a problem a lot of us are having, children especially, is that staying home and remaining socially distant for so long has made it challenging to get back into the “rhythm” of making friends, and trying new things.

Fun Games, Sports & Music

Easily the best way to make new friends and explore fun summer activities is to play fun games and sports with others who share the same interest. Simply being present and coming together to have fun is a simple way to share in the opportunities of fun competition and great company. Here are just a few of the sports and games on offer at Brooks this summer for 2021:


One of the most important summer activities, especially in the heat.  Free swim time is a staple part of the Brooks School Summer Programs experience. Swimming makes for a great environment to make new friends through splashing, swimming and playing fun water games, always under the supervision of trained lifeguards.


Tennis might be one of the best sports for meeting others and making new friends this summer. Our instructors teach everyone the basics of the game to develop strong technique and how to practice with different drills, and our campers can match up with others, making lots of new friends while learning a great game.


One of the best things about making new friends in a summer camp setting is learning a new instrument, playing music, and coming together to collaborate by playing music together. Not only are our instructors passionate about music, and teaching newcomers to instruments, rhythm, timing, and melody, but our campers discover new bandmates and create amazing music.

Learning New Skills at Brooks

Beyond sports and games, there is a whole world of new skills to learn at Brooks School Summer Programs. The fun process of learning new skills like arts and crafts or a skill in the arts is especially fulfilling when new friends are right there beside you learning along with you.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts has a special way of bringing new friends together as they create fun and interesting projects. The team of counselors will help campers find their creative side and together create a variety of crafts and art projects. 

Performing Arts

Drama and the performing arts are one of the best ways to meet new friends through everyone coming together to put on a show! Stages and Studios is an amazing experience that showcases shows put on by campers, all of whom have learned the basics of acting, showmanship, and working with stage performers in different settings. 

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