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Your summer begins at Brooks.

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Where tradition meets excellence

Brooks School offers an unparalleled summer experience tailored for families seeking the best for their children. Nestled on the picturesque Brooks School campus, our summer programs are designed to provide the utmost in recreational, educational, and creative opportunities.

Our 270-acre campus boasts dormitory accommodations, a full-service dining hall, state-of-the-art athletic facilities, inviting pools, boathouses with lake access, modern classrooms, and a world-class performing arts center. This unparalleled setting serves as the backdrop for a diverse range of programs that cater to a discerning audience.

At Brooks School, we prioritize creating a nurturing and secure environment, both physically and emotionally, where children can thrive. Our summer offerings cater to an array of interests, abilities, and needs, ensuring that every participant finds their ideal summer experience.

For our youngest campers, the Brooks School Day Camp is a haven of growth and fun. Children aged three to fourteen are immersed in a supportive atmosphere where they acquire new skills, explore their passions, forge lasting friendships, and embark on unforgettable summer adventures. Our camp offers a wide range of activities, from the traditional to the extraordinary, with both full-day and half-day options to suit your child’s schedule.

In our Stages & Studios program, the only limit is one’s imagination. Participants are encouraged to delve into the world of theater, music, and visual arts, guided by a team of industry professionals. Our programs offer a variety of one, two, and three-week options, culminating in captivating performances, from classic plays like Annie KIDS to Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Chicago. Additionally, our themed one-week programs explore the creative facets of arts and crafts, music, and performing arts in imaginative weeks such as “Full STEAM Ahead” and “Legendary Creatures.”

Our Leaders-In-Training program focuses on mentoring young adults, nurturing their journey towards becoming future leaders. This comprehensive three-year program blends classroom instruction with hands-on skill development, empowering young leaders to make a four-week commitment to personal growth each summer.

For those seeking transformative educational experiences, Summer Term offers a two-week program that prioritizes depth over breadth. Aligned with our mission to provide profoundly impactful learning experiences, Summer Term promotes collaboration between students and faculty, transcending traditional academic settings. Our program offers a wide range of both traditional and advanced courses, enabling us to craft a customized academic experience tailored to your child’s unique needs.

The Brooks School Summer Conference Center is the preferred choice for highly acclaimed and nationally recognized conferences, with a particular focus on supporting the continued education of independent school educators. Presently, it hosts the Diversity Directions Seminar and the Stanley H. King Institute.

Our Athletic Complex is nothing short of extraordinary, offering comprehensive indoor and outdoor facilities, a 50,474 square-foot athletic center, a rowing center, and a hockey rink that converts to an indoor arena. These state-of-the-art facilities serve as the backdrop for a multitude of day and residential sports camps, all designed to help athletes realize their full potential.

At Brooks School, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled summer experiences that cater to the expectations of discerning parents and the aspirations of their children. Join us for a summer like no other, where exceptional opportunities meet a picturesque setting.

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