ARTventurers: Art Explorers

Ages 5-8

Come explore theatre, visual arts, and music in one of the four themed sessions of ARTventurers.

Designed specifically for children ages 6-8, participants will rotate daily through these three creative components, as they collaborate on a creative showcase that combines all of their artistic experiences. Outdoor activities complement and balance the arts’ focus to provide a well-rounded, immersive, and fun experience. Participants will gain experience while increasing their understanding and appreciation for the arts through instruction from passionate counselors. The bonus of having the opportunity to work with a choreographer, art director, and music director, brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and years of experience to this program.

In a setting where we believe that art is for everyone, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the arts in a meaningful and age-appropriate way. This year’s themes are sure to please your little one.

2021 Themed Weeks

Fairytale Frenzy: Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, and Goldilocks are just a few characters we will explore as we bring the world of fairy tales to life onstage! Participants will add a new spin to class tales through music, dance, art, and acting.

Off to Oz: Join Brooks as we journey down the yellow brick road! Participants will explore all of the magic and joy of The Wizard of Oz through music, dance, art, and acting.

Under the Sea: From seashells to seahorses, participants will craft their own sea creations! There is no lack of inspiration as participants sing, dance, acting, and artfully explore the world of Under the Sea.

Monster Mash: We’re gonna mash, monster mash our way through a week of song, dance, art, and acting inspired by any type of imaginable monster! Big, small, furry, funny, scary, silly – All monsters are welcome! Don’t worry, “you’ll catch on in a flash”!

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About the Space

After more than two years of construction, Brooks’ state-of-the-art Center for the Arts opened its doors to students, faculty and staff for use on October 30, 2018. The $28 million facility has transformed the school, bonding the visual, musical, and performing arts together and placing them on display at the center of campus.

The Center for the Arts consists of three structures: one each for performance, music, and visual arts. Connecting all three is a shared indoor “arts street” and outdoor courtyard. The two-level interior street offers gathering and seating areas for small groups, providing space for informal exchange, collaboration, discussion, exhibitions and receptions before and after events. The walls serve as a gallery, highlighting the arts as every member of the Brooks community passes through the building.

Performances, teaching and community gatherings have a spacious, comfortable home in the theater, designed to fit the entire student body with 387 seats. Its stage connects to a scene shop and a 1,200-square-foot Black Box theater, which provides a flexible teaching space and an additional performance venue. A costume shop, changing room and green room are included as well. Sliding barn doors increase visibility and connection in the Arts Street, as well as allow overflow standing room for large events.

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A Typical Day

Players rotate through theatre, music, and visual arts each day. In these time blocks, students collaborate with one another, professional instructors, and counselors. There are outdoor breaks built into the day to allow students to expand their minds and stretch their bodies. Outdoor activities complement and balance the arts’ focus to provide a well-rounded, immersive, and fun experience.

8:30-9:00 Drop-Off
9:00-9:15 Morning Meeting
9:15-10:30 Music
10:30-10:45 Morning Snack
10:45-12:00 Dance
12:00-1:00 Supervised Lunch
1:00-2:30 Acting
2:30-2:45 Afternoon Snack
2:45-4:00 Camp Activity (Tennis, Gymnastics, Arts & Crafts, etc.)
4:00-4:30 Pick-Up

Program Team