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Program Overview

Geared towards teenagers entering grade 8 and older, the Leaders-in-Training program helps participants develop and hone their leadership skills, build confidence, and show responsibility as a role model. Working amongst themselves and with other groups of campers, LITs focus on effective positive behavior management strategies and ways to communicate with younger children. After successfully completing the three-year training program, LITs, who are at least 16 years old, can apply for a staff position.

Year I Snapshot

LITs in their first year spend half of their day participating in a structured and supervised training program where they have the opportunity to begin to develop their leadership skills, gain confidence within the group and learn the important qualities of being an effective youth development professional. These daily training sessions are lead by our two first year LIT Counselors.

When not in training, LITs are assigned to camp groups where they have the opportunity to develop and practice their skills by working alongside the Brooks School Day Camp campers.

Year II Snapshot

LITs that have successfully completed the first year program are welcome to participate in the second year LIT program. During the second year the diversity of experiences increases and LITs are placed in a variety of camp settings. The focus during year two is on each LIT's leadership development, camper management skills and growth in facilitation skills while working in a variety of activities.

Organized Leadership Training continues three times per week for our second year LIT Program. This training is focused on specific strategies for working with campers including: learning effective positive behavior management strategies, practicing active listening and effective communication and understanding age characteristics of children.

Year III Snapshot

Upon successful completion of the second year LIT program, the third year is the culmination in the training process. Organized leadership training continues twice per week and is focused on strengthening each LIT's confidence in providing program leadership within a camper group. At the end of their training LITs should be able to implement a variety of strategies and skills to effectively lead a group by being a role model who takes initiative and is organized, positive and an effective communicator.

The Leader-in-Training Program from the first year to the third provides teens with a variety of mentored healthy experiences in a safe, outdoor environment that is supervised by highly skilled professionals. All LITs will have an opportunity to experience being a leader within a positive supportive community focused on youth development.

Session Schedule


Register for one four-week session. You may add on to your Brooks Summer experience by also enrolling in Day Camp Discovery, Summer School, or Day Camp when not enrolled in the LIT program.

Session I* June 22 July 17
Session II^ July 20 August 14


*no camp July 3

^half day August 14



Register for any two sessions for a total of four weeks. You may add on to your Brooks Summer experience by also enrolling in Summer School when not enrolled in the second year LIT program.

Session I* June 22 July 3
Session II July 6 July 17
Session III July 20 July 31
Session IV^ August 3 August 14


*no camp July 3

^half day August 14



Register for any two sessions for a total of four weeks. You may add on to your Brooks Summer experience by also enrolling in Summer School when not enrolled in the third year LIT program.

Session I* June 22 July 3
Session II July 6 July 17
Session III July 20 July 31
Session IV^ August 3 August 14


*no camp July 3

^half day August 14



All LITs (I, II, and III) must plan to attend this mandatory orientation on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 from 5:30 p.m to 8:00 p.m.

Extended Day


The morning Extended Day Program begins at 7:00 AM. Drop-off and check-in are held at the playground. Brooks School Day Camp staff members provide supervision. At 8:30 AM campers join their regular camp groups. In the case of rain, Extended Day will take place in the Athletic Center.

The afternoon Extended Day Program begins at 4:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. Supervised free swim, playground activities and a snack are provided. Again, in case of rain, the Extended Day Program will take place in the Athletic Center.

Campers must be picked up by 6:00 PM in front of the Summer Programs Office. Parents are required to show proper identification and sign campers out with the Extended Day Supervisor before leaving. There is a late fee for pick-ups after 6:00 PM.

If your needs change for the Extended Day program, requests must be made in writing to the Summer Programs Office.


Morning Or Afternoon Extended Day - $20.00 per visit ($25 after June 1)

After 6:00PM Late Charge - $25.00 



Did you know, riding a bus is the safest way for children to get to and from school. It’s safer than walking, riding a bike or even riding in the family car. School buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.


For this reason, Brooks School Summer Programs offers convenient one-way and round-trip transportation throughout the Merrimack Valley and North Shore. This service provides families with a convenient and reliable option when making plans for the summer.

At Brooks, we recognize that putting your child on a bus requires a great deal of trust. When choosing to utilize our transportation service you can be confident that we put your child’s safety first. Our approach to safety is multi layered, which is why we have partnered with NRT Transportation. NRT invests in training, technology and equipment to ensure that they exceed industry standards.

Our partnership with NRT means state-of-the-art safety features for your child.

  • School Bus Monitors ensure the safety of all children as they are transported to and from camp.
  • High-definition GPS systems, providing exact location and speed of a school bus at any time.
  • Child Check-Mate System® is an on-board electronic reminder system that reminds drivers to check for sleeping children before leaving the bus.
  • Flashing lights and extended stop arms warn motorists that children are boarding or unloading.
  • Buses that are digitally monitored by four (4) cameras located throughout the vehicle.
  • Well-anchored seats with high backs and heavy padding create a protective seating area.
  • Drivers who are highly trained professionals with specialized training in student behavior management, loading and unloading, security and emergency medical procedures.


Round Trip: $130 per week
One Way: $65 per week

Bus Routes

Andover/North Andover

8:00/4:43-Chandler Road & River Road (Red Bus)

8:03/4:40-Woodhill Middle School (Red Bus)

8:03/4:34-South School (Blue Bus)

8:06/4:37-St. Roberts Church (Red Bus)

8:07/4:32-Town Market-429 South Main Street (Green Bus)

8:09/4:30-Route 125 & Gould Road (Green Bus)

8:10/4:33-Haggetts Pond Road & Lowell Street (Red Bus)

8:11/4:28-Extended Stay America (Red Bus)

8:12/4:28-Duck Pond-Argilla Road & Andover Road (Blue Bus)

8:14/4:25-Route 125 & Salem Street (Green Bus)

8:15/4:25-Chestnut Street & Whittier Street (Blue Bus)

8:20/4:19-West Parish Church (Blue Bus)

8:20/4:19-Amberville Road & Turnpike Street (Purple Bus)

8:24/4:16-Holly Ridge Road & Johnson Street (Green Bus)

8:25/4:16-Haverhill Street & North Main Street (Blue Bus)

8:29/4:13-Salem Street & Summer Street (Green Bus)

8:34/4:08-Chadwick Street & Sutton Street (Red Bus)


8:22/4:20-Bellesini Academy (Yellow Bus)

8:23/4:17-Esperanza Academy (Yellow Bus)

8:27/4:14-Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence (Yellow Bus)


7:57/4:43-Shopping Plaza, 16 Centre Court (Purple Bus)


8:14/4:28-The Loop Methuen, 90 Pleasant Valley Street (Yellow Bus)

Reading/North Reading

7:42/4:56-Summer Avenue & Fairview Avenue (Purple Bus)

8:08/4:32-Foley Drive & Haverhill Street (Purple Bus)


7:47/4:50-Wakefield Business Park, 607 North Avenue (Purple Bus)

Tuition & Fees

1st Year $1875
2nd Year $1675
3rd Year No Fee

Only a deposit of $100 per week required to secure reservation, with the exception of LIT III.