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Vogelsinger Soccer Programs


Brooks School has hosted the prestigious Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy for more than 35 years. International coaching staff lead three unique camps - the Vogelsinger Soccer Academy, Junior Camps, and Vogelsinger All-Star School. Based on age and skill level, each camp helps aspiring soccer stars work on their individual game and how to be a team player. Competitive campers will strive to reach their highest potential under the guidance of experienced athletes. Overnight options are available.

Vogelsinger Soccer Academy

Program Information


Field players experience dramatic improvement in their coordination, harmony, and touch with the ball. The unique distraction free environment allows them to completely immerse themselves in the challenges, demands, and technicalities of the sport. Expectations run high and each player leaves with the necessary tools to continue to become the best athlete they can be. The Academy is offered in two or three week sessions.

Skill Schedule

Three Week Academy:

Week 1 Individual Skills and Techniques
Week 2 Positional Techniques, Technical Progression
Week 3 Tactical Concepts, Positional Progression

Two Week Mini-Academy:
Any two-week combination of the three-week program.

Goalkeeping Academy:
This unique goalkeeper program is run concurrently and is tightly integrated with the field player program.


Academy IJuly 15Aug. 3
Academy IIJuly 22Aug. 10
Mini-Academy IJuly 15July 27
Mini-Academy IIJuly 22Aug. 3
Mini-Academy IIIJuly 29Aug. 10

All Star School

Program Information


All Star School is focused on providing a more specialized training in a shorter period of time. Each week of our school offers a different program and athletes can choose to work on anything from their individual player skills to those needed to be a member of a dynamic team preparing for the fall season.

Skill Schedule & Calendar

All Star School 1 (July 15-20)

Tactical Concepts, Positional Progression

All Star School 2 (July 22-27)

Positional Concepts, Technical Progression

All Star School 3 (July 29- Aug. 3)

Tactical Concepts, Positional Progression

All Star School 4 (August 5-10)

Tactical Concepts, Positional Progression

Junior Programs

Program Information


Developed specifically for the Brooks School, this five day camp is designed to inspire youngsters ages 7 – 10 to find a love and passion for the sport. Enjoyable activities and games teach the basic fundamentals needed to master the ball and improve overall physical skills. Half day and full day options are available. Lunch is included.


This program is highly recommended for intermediate players, generally between the ages of 9 and 12, who want to improve their individual technical and tactical skills. The All Star Day Camp maintains the instructional caliber of our national program in a consolidated format, Monday through Friday. from 9am to 4 pm daily. Our international coaching staff will focus on developing each player's technical and tactical approach to the game. Our schedule includes instructional skill training, small-sided challenges plus daily "game" play from 3-4pm when players can put their developing skills into practice. Lunch is included. Drop off is between 8:30-9:00 AM and pick up is at 4:00PM.


Register Here

Calendar & Tuition

Junior Programs July 9 July 13

Junior Day Camp $440
Junior All Star $495

Tuition & Fees

Junior Day Camp $435
All-Star Day Camp $495
All 8 Weeks of Day Camp w/ Soccer Jr.$3690
All 8 Weeks of Day Camp w/ All-All Star$3750
If you would like more information about the Vogelsinger Soccer Camps please visit their website.