What You’ll Learn Through Sports at Brooks Day Camp

At Brooks School Summer Programs, students learn many invaluable skills and lessons at our Day Camp, including a thing or two about sports! There’s a wide range of benefits of kids’ sports camps — for both serious and inexperienced athletes alike.  

See what campers will learn during our program, and how they can apply their lessons both on and off the playing field. 

1. How to Stay in Shape 

Brooks’Day Camp gets kids outside for fresh air and exercise. Whether it’s during tennis, soccer, or skateboarding classes, they’ll learn some basic exercises they can continue to practice after camp ends. The variety of the different sports we offer will keep things fresh and exciting — and having some familiar exercises will help kids stay physically and mentally healthy throughout the year. 

2. Independence and Decision-Making

At Brooks, we allow students to fully explore a variety of new sports and skills, allowing them to discover new activities they love! Interested in being a soccer goalie? Hop right in! Always wanted to try out for point guard? Now’s your chance!

Giving campers the autonomy to choose what roles they want to explore and what they want to learn more about teaches them independence and responsibility. Team sports offer a unique opportunity to try out different roles, skills, and styles of play, ultimately allowing them to practice decision-making, flexibility, and prioritization. 

By offering a wide range of sports during our day program, we encourage our campers to develop an equally wide range of skills. For example, do you have a soccer fanatic at home who is always dribbling the soccer bar? Trying out Basketball switches things up, challenging campers to learn a different type of hand-eye coordination and team play that can elevate their existing soccer skills to a new level!

3. Social Skills and Teamwork 

Sports are a sure way for young kids and teens to make new friends. Not only will campers bond through shared activities in a social setting, but they’ll also learn the value of teamwork through our sports programs — which involve players relying on each other. 

Having teamwork skills will help campers throughout their lives — whether it be in school, on more advanced sports teams, at work, or at home. 

4. Problem-Solving and Strategic Thinking

One of the other benefits of kids’ sports camps is that they teach campers problem-solving and strategic thinking. Once they’ve learned and practiced their eye-hand coordination and the basics of their sport, they’ll learn how to maneuver around certain obstacles on the field, and how to aim and shoot the ball at the right angle and time. They’ll also learn how much force to use and how to control the ball. 

5. Confidence 

It’s our top priority at Brooks to create a healthy and supportive environment and community, with our staff and coaches available for positive mentorship. 

Playing sports during a daily schedule at day camp creates discipline and improvement in their skills, which builds campers’ confidence to continue to grow and try new things, and make new friends in the upcoming school year. 

Enroll for Day Camp Today

Prepare for the school year and fall sports season by enrolling in Brooks’ Day Camp today. Even if your child isn’t an athlete, there are plenty of other activities to try out and learn from — like mindfulness, music, performance arts, arts & crafts, and more. 

At Brooks, your day camper will gain a truly special summer experience where they’ll learn basic exercises, social skills and teamwork, strategic thinking, and self-confidence – and come home every evening with new stories to tell!