What to Look Forward to Next Summer Season

Now that the summer of 2020 has come and gone, certainly one of the most challenging summers of recent memory, we are looking ahead to 2021.

We are now actively setting our sights on next summer. We certainly haven’t wasted any time planning new activities, hiring a great team, and developing guidelines and protocols for next summer to ensure all our campers can once again have a fulfilling summer experience.

We’ve made some significant changes to our policies, ways we’ll operate activities, and overall plans for the coming summer, so all our campers know what to expect when next summer rolls around.

Updated Activities & Guidelines

First and foremost, we’ve been overhauling our activities and guidelines for the upcoming sessions. Typically, we have a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to offer in the Day Camp, but we know that fresh air and distance might remain a priority for upcoming sessions.

Because of this, we’ve not only been adding additional outdoor summer activities to the list of activities, but we’ve been updating the protocols for indoor activities. Programs such as Summer School, Broadway at Brooks, and Artventurers will have new layouts and protocols for social distancing to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Caring & Forward Thinking Staff

With health and safety remaining the highest priority, our staff receives expert training on the new guidelines for distancing and sanitization protocols. With the upcoming camp sessions and summer school classes, our team will have new tools and new ways to keep all children safe and healthy. We will also have new spaces and new activities to ensure that all the sessions are as fun as previous summers.

Outdoor Activities & Open Field Games

The name of the game for the coming summer will be remaining outside as much as possible.

For campers interested in fun sports and looking for a great way to get active for next summer, we plan to keep many outdoor activities, like tennis, games, sports, and archery, available to our campers.

The Search For More Teaching Opportunities

One of the most important things we’re keeping in mind for this coming season is that we don’t quite know what’s around the corner. We’re continually learning new things about how to keep children and staff safe. We remain committed to ensuring that everyone has a fulfilling and positive experience. We’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to operate and engage with other experts as we seek to create the best environment possible.

Consistent New Updates Throughout the Site

For more information on upcoming sessions, dates, rates, and activity information, we encourage everyone to fully explore all the activities and programs featured on our website. Especially the new Broadway at Brooks and ARTventurers program. We will continuously update what activities we will offer and specifics on how each program will operate as we get closer to the Summer 2021 season.

Register for 2021

We encourage you to learn more about our programs and see what session dates are available for 2021. It remains advantageous to have a plan for which programs will be best for your child. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.