Why Summer Camp is the Perfect Place for Youth Leadership Training

When discussing the benefits of summer programs, much of the emphasis is on the personal growth and fun the campers experience. However, these camps can also prove to be beneficial for current and future staff looking to refine their leadership skills and other abilities.

Read on to learn more about why leadership training is important and some of the things teens can gain from enrolling in Brooks School’s Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program.

The Importance of Youth Leadership Training

It’s never too early or late for kids to learn invaluable leadership skills. As the U.S. Department of Labor explains, “Youth Development is a process that prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them gain skills and competencies.”

Youth leadership is an integral part of this process. And while teens and adolescents can learn some of these skills in the classroom (i.e. through group projects), sports, and extracurriculars, summer camp is another place for them to refine these abilities.

Today, youth leadership training is more important than ever before. Being comfortable in a leadership position benefits teens for the years and decades to come as they pursue higher education, begin their careers, and continue to foster relationships with peers.

How to Learn Leadership at Summer Camp

So, what does leadership training teach you? Leadership is a broad term, but ultimately, these programs help youth refine their communication, management, and initiation skills, among other things. 

Summer camp just happens to be the ideal place to hone these skills and more. In the Brooks School LIT program, teens are surrounded by other individuals their age throughout the process which provides them with the support and peer mentorship necessary for personal growth. Of course, there’s also plenty of fun built into the programs as well. An active, collaborative summer program fosters teamwork in versatile environments, which are skills every leader needs.

But perhaps most importantly, youth leadership training at a summer camp can fit seamlessly into a teen’s existing schedule. Spending the summer learning about what it takes to be a leader through practical hands-on experience and guidance from senior staff is the perfect way to continue this growth throughout the year. And when school resumes, teens can bring this newfound confidence and skills back to the classroom or add it to their résumé. 

Teen Leadership Training at Brooks School Summer Programs

At Brooks School, youth leadership training is available through the Leaders-in-Training program. This one-of-a-kind youth leadership training course is designed for teens aged 13-17 with the idea that leaders are made, not born.

LIT helps these adolescents develop and home their leadership skills, build confidence, and show responsibility as a role model over a three-year process. From the first year to the third, participants continue to learn valuable leadership skills by compounding on the previous year’s work. Though teens are learning to be leaders, they are also mentored and participate in healthy experiences in a safe, outdoor environment supervised by highly skilled professionals.

After successfully completing this program, LITs who are at least 16 years old are encouraged to apply for a staff position and apply their leadership skills in a paid position.

About Brooks School Summer Programs

Brooks School sits on 270 acres of pristine nature on the shores of Lake Cochichewick so campers have plenty of fresh air and room to safely spread out as they learn and play. Through its dedication to offering the highest-quality youth development programs, devoted staff, and emphasis on outdoor activities, Brooks has achieved its place as the leader in summer programs.

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