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Our Registration Process

Enrollment for Brooks School Summer Programs is offered exclusively online and all completed applications will only be accepted electronically. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited so please plan accordingly.

Tips to Get Started

We highly encourage you to use a computer for the registration process. In some cases, phones and tablets have limitations.

To fully complete the medical forms you will need to have your child’s doctor, dentist, and medical information available. We recommend having this information on hand before starting.

While completing the household information form we encourage you to provide the names of two guardians. There are some instances where having two guardians helps us address the needs of your child.

Before your registration is marked as “complete” and your child’s enrollment is secured, you will need to have completed the Medical Form and provided a physician's report dated within the last twenty-four (24) months that includes all immunization dates. We understand that summer is several months away, but having your child’s medical history will assist our medical staff in supporting your child’s medical needs.

You will have an opportunity to upload a photo of your child. This photo is only used internally and entirely optional. Including a photo helps the counselors get acquainted with your child before they arrive.

Parent Portal Overview


What are the benefits to online registration?

Giving families easy access to register, schedule payments and complete forms from any device, no matter their location, is our ultimate goal. Our online portal means you no longer have to wait for the mail or worry about something getting lost in transit.

When may I register?

Registration opens for all families on Monday, January 14 at 9 a.m.

What do I need to register?

To fully complete the registration process, it is important to have each child's medical information. This includes a physician's report and immunization dates. You will also need the name of an emergency contact and and provide your basic contact information.

If necessary, you can always save an application and return at a later date to continue where you left off. All paperwork must be submitted by June 1.

How do I make payments?

After completing the application you will have the option of paying the deposit by check or credit card. Depending on when you register, payment plans may also be available. It is important to note, all payments must be made in full by June 1.

Do you accept paper applications?

No, enrollment for Brooks School Summer Programs is offered exclusively online and all completed applications will only be accepted electronically. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited so please plan accordingly.

I don't see the program I am looking for, can you help?

Our registration system only shows programs that your child is eligible for based on age and grade.

What is a "waitlist status"?

When a program reaches capacity this will be reflected in the registration portal. If you choose to be placed on the waitlist, you will be contacted if there becomes availability. Changes to the waitlist status are continuously fluctuating up until the start date of a program.

Can I split a session of Day Camp?

Our two-week Day Camp sessions cannot be split. As the program has grown larger and more complex over the years, part of the experience we strive for is consistency for both campers and counselors. Our programs are carefully crafted to ensure each camper starts and finishes the projects, challenges, etc. in the set amount of visits to each activity over the two-week session.

If you are looking for a one-week program, Day Camp Discovery is a great option. 

What is the sibling discount?

For any family enrolling two or more children in Day Camp, a sibling discount is applied for the child(ren) with equal or lesser sessions.

What is the medical form and physician's report?

The Medical Form is completed by the parent or guardian and provides a comprehensive medical history of the camper. By completing this form you are providing our nurses with a list of medications, allergies, and important life events such as surgeries, operations, and social/emotional needs. And in the event of an emergency, we have access to insurance information and authorization to administered medical care.

The Physician’s Report and Immunizations is a document provided by your primary care physician. From this report, we are able to ensure vaccinations are up-to-date and a physical examination has been completed within the past 18 months. Massachusetts requires this information not only for admittance into schools, but also for all recreational camps. Per these regulations, children must meet the immunization requirements for the grade they will enter in the school year following their camp session.

What immunizations does my child need to attend camp?