Junior Players

Ages 5-8

Experience a Summer of Creativity and Fun!

We invite you to join us at Stages & Studios, where we explore distinct weekly themes through various creative components, including arts and crafts, music, and performing arts. In this comprehensive program, campers will rotate through these creative elements daily, collaborating on a unique showcase that combines all their artistic experiences. Each day, they’ll explore different creative components and work together to create a fantastic showcase that combines all their artistic adventures.

Here’s what makes our program special:

Daily Adventures:

Your child will enjoy daily rotations through creative activities like arts & crafts, music, and performing arts. This hands-on approach keeps things fresh and exciting, allowing them to discover their creative talents.

Perfect Balance:

 Our schedule is designed to balance indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring your child is engaged and having a blast in a safe and age-appropriate setting.

Tailored for Ages 5-8:

We’ve created this program specifically for children aged 5-8, providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for them to explore their creativity.

Expert Guidance:

Our dedicated team of counselors is passionate about youth development and leads every activity. Your child will be in safe hands and will receive the support they need to grow and learn.

Learn from the Best:

 What sets our program apart is the opportunity for your child to work alongside professionals, including a choreographer, art director, and music director. They bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to enrich your child’s creative journey.

Full-Day Adventures:

 Our program runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily, ensuring your child has plenty of time to immerse themselves in creativity and have a fantastic time.

Convenient Transportation:

We offer bus transportation options for your convenience, making it easier for your child to be a part of this incredible summer experience.

This summer, let your child explore their creativity, make new friends, and create wonderful memories at Brooks School. We can’t wait to inspire and nurture their artistic talents!

2024 Themed Weeks

Mystery Week:Step into the shoes of young detectives this week as our Junior Players embark on an exciting journey to unravel intriguing mysteries! From decoding cryptic clues to solving enigmatic puzzles, participants will sharpen their detective skills while engaging in art, music, and dance. Each day presents a fresh mystery to unravel, ensuring that young minds remain both engaged and creatively stimulated. The activities for this week will challenge their intellect and creativity, culminating in a suspenseful and captivating showcase for family and friends, where the Junior Players will proudly display their detective talents. See the daily schedule.

Fairytale and Fantasy: Dive into the captivating realm of fairytales and fantasy! This week, our Junior Players will embark on a magical journey, delving into mythical realms, encountering magical creatures, and embarking on legendary quests through the mediums of art, performance, and storytelling. Participants will breathe life into classic fairytales while also crafting their own fantastical narratives. From whimsical costumes to imaginative sets, creativity knows no bounds. The week’s adventures will culminate in a spellbinding showcase for family and friends, transporting the audience to a world where dreams and reality seamlessly entwine. See the daily schedule.

Pirate Fever: Ahoy, mateys! Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage across the high seas during Pirate Fever week! Our Junior Players will don their pirate hats and eyepatches as they plunge into the adventurous life of swashbucklers. Through the medium of artistic expression, participants will craft pirate-themed masterpieces, sing rousing sea shanties, and dance to lively jigs. From hidden treasures to epic battles, the week will be brimming with pirate escapades and nautical creativity. The excitement reaches its pinnacle during the enthralling showcase for family and friends, where our Junior Players will magically transform the stage into a pirate’s paradise. See the daily schedule.

Lost in Space: 3… 2… 1… Prepare for liftoff! Junior Players are invited to embark on an interstellar adventure during Lost in Space week. Participants will delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, exploring distant planets and sparkling stars through the creative mediums of art, music, and dance. As aspiring astronauts, they will craft cosmic masterpieces, choreograph mesmerizing zero-gravity dances, and compose melodies inspired by the vastness of space. While navigating the depths of the universe, they’ll encounter enigmatic alien life and cutting-edge futuristic technology. The week’s cosmic odyssey reaches its climax with a stellar showcase, where the Junior Players will proudly display their celestial talents for family and friends. See the daily schedule.

Superheros Unite: Calling all superheroes! This week, our Junior Players will don capes and masks to step into the roles of the world’s much-needed saviors. Through the expressive mediums of art, performance, and imaginative activities, participants will harness their inner superheroes, complete with unique superpowers and captivating origin stories. From crafting superhero costumes to choreographing epic battles against formidable villains, each day promises an exhilarating and heroic adventure. Our Junior Players will delve into themes of courage, justice, and teamwork, ultimately culminating in a dynamic showcase where they will save the day and inspire the audience with their incredible superhero talents. See the daily schedule.

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About the Space

Our program offers a unique blend of activities and facilities that set us apart from any other camp. With sprawling spaces that allow kids to run and play freely, from tennis courts and open fields to a dedicated archery range and a well-equipped gymnastics center, there’s no shortage of fun to be had.

But that’s not all! Campers will also get to splash and swim in style in our two outdoor swimming pools. The icing on the cake is our stunning 270-acre campus nestled on the shores of Lake Cochichewick, offering a breathtaking backdrop for memorable summer adventures.

Our state-of-the-art Center for the Arts building serves as the heart of this program. Here, campers will find comfortable classrooms fully stocked with all the supplies needed to bring their creative visions to life. It’s a space where imagination knows no bounds, and every camper’s artistic aspirations can flourish.

A Typical Day

We’ve crafted a dynamic and ever-changing daily schedule that promises to keep your child eagerly anticipating each day’s adventures. Our approach encourages collaboration among campers, professional instructors, and our dedicated counselors.

Throughout the day, we’ve incorporated outdoor breaks to give students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and engage in physical activities that stimulate both their minds and bodies. These outdoor activities seamlessly complement and balance the creative components of our program, ensuring an all-encompassing, immersive, and joy-filled experience for your child.

8:30-9:00 Drop-Off
9:00-9:10 Morning Meeting
9:10-9:45 Creative Block 1
9:50-10:25 Creative Block 2
10:25-10:30 Snack
10:30-11:05 Free Swim
11:10-11:45 Gymnastics
11:50-12:20 Lunch
12:30-1:05 Creative Block 3
1:10-1:45 Tennis
1:45-1:50 Snack
1:50-2:25 Creative Block 4
2:30-3:05 Creative Block 5
3:10-3:45 Creative Block 6
3:45-4:00 Afternoon Meeting
4:00-4:30 Pick-Up

Program Team