Brooks School Day Camp

Ages 4-5

Experience the Full-Day Magic of Group One at Brooks School Day Camp – Tailored for Our Youngest Explorers.

At Brooks School Day Camp, our Group One full-day program is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of our youngest campers. We’ve meticulously crafted a full-day schedule that strikes the perfect balance between free play and expert-guided instruction, ensuring an enriching experience for your child.

We understand that a child’s early experiences are the building blocks of their love for learning and future social development. That’s why we’ve gathered a dedicated team of counselors with a genuine passion for working with young children. Your child will embark on a journey filled with a diverse array of activities, fostering social connections and self-discovery.

Our camp aims to nurture the whole child, focusing on their physical, social, and emotional growth. Each two-week session is thoughtfully themed to spark joy and ignite your child’s imagination, creating a memorable experience.

The Group One full-day program is the top choice for working parents and those preparing their children for a full-day school environment. Children who participate in our full-day camp are well-prepared for the demands of full-day preschool or kindergarten. Our full-day schedule even includes an afternoon rest period, ensuring a balanced day for your child.

For families seeking a creative and socially engaging environment, the full-day program is the perfect fit. Join us in creating lasting memories and setting your child on a path of growth and discovery.

Explore the incredible experiences your child will enjoy at Brooks by taking a sneak peek at our daily schedule.

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Activities & Theme Days

Brooks School Day Camp offers an unparalleled array of activities that set it apart from other local camps. Nestled on our expansive 270-acre campus by the picturesque Lake Cochichewick, our dedicated and experienced staff provide specialized instruction in a diverse range of activities. Each day, children will embark on an exciting journey, engaging in dynamic indoor and outdoor activities that promise new adventures daily.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Boating
  • Drama
  • Explorations
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Music
  • Playground
  • Sensory Play
  • Soccer
  • Sports
  • Strength & Agility
  • Swim Lessons & Free Swim
  • Tennis

A Typical Day

8:30–9:00 AM Drop-Off
9:00–9:10 AM Morning Meeting
9:10–9:45 AM Arts & Crafts
9:50–10:25 AM Tennis
10:25–10:30 AM Snack
10:30–11:05 AM Swim Lessons
11:10–11:45 AM Golf
11:50–12:20 PM Lunch
12:30–1:05 PM Gymnastics
1:10–1:45 PM Sports
1:45–1:50 PM Snack
1:50–2:25 PM Music
2:30–3:05 PM Free Swim
3:10–3:45 PM Sensory Play
3:45–4:00 PM Afternoon Meeting
4:00–4:30 PM Pick-Up

Program Team