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Health & Wellness Center

The Summer Health & Wellness Center plays an essential role in maintaining a safe environment. The Wellness Center is staffed by a registered nurse at all times, who oversees the administration of medications. Nurses also provide first-aid and preventative care, as well as assess if additional medical services are required. Parents are notified by our medical staff if their child visits the Health & Wellness Center.

Our registered nurses work in conjunction with Dr. Ann McGravey, who serves as our Health Care Consultant. Dr. McGravey is a board-certified physician who is available for consultation with our staff at all times.

In addition to our medical staff, Activity Heads are first aid trained and CPR certified through the American Red Cross. All pool lifeguards have lifesaving training and are Water Safety Instructor certified. The boating waterfront is manned by two lifeguards and all boating staff is Small Craft Safety trained by the American Red Cross. Throughout campus, the staff has access to AEDs, first-aid kits, and emergency phones.

We are cautious about the foods we offer. While not a nut-free campus, we are nut sensitive. Our daily snacks provide a wide array of options to suit all campers. Families always have the option of packing their own snacks if they so wish.

Each child brings their own bagged lunch to camp. Lunches are refrigerated until served. Parents of campers with special diets should inform us of their child’s nutritional needs.

It is easy to communicate dietary needs with us through the forms completed during the registration process. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. We are happy to do everything we can to ensure your camper’s health and safety.

All medications brought to campus must be in original containers and will be kept in the Health Center (except for some inhalers and EpiPens). Neither campers nor staff is allowed to keep any medication on their person, including vitamins and over-the-counter medicine.

All medication must be documented with the specified dosage on the Medication Administration form. You can update this form on the Brooks Summer Programs Parent Portal, should your child’s medical information change or need to be updated.

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