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Are you ready to embark on an artistic journey? Stages & Studios is your gateway to a world of creativity, welcoming both newcomers and seasoned performers alike. Whether your child is eager to explore the visual and performing arts or dreams of working behind the scenes in the thrilling realm of production, our diverse range of programs is designed to ignite their passions.

Expert Guidance: Our programs are led by a dedicated team of industry professionals, each with a wealth of talent and experience. They are committed to nurturing your child’s artistic potential, providing the guidance and support they need to shine.

A Summer of Possibilities: Stages & Studios offers an exciting array of one and two-week programs throughout the summer. From classic titles like “Into the Woods” to the fantastic fantasy world of “Shrek the Musical,” our productions are bound to enhance your child’s singing, acting, and dancing skills.

Thematic Exploration: Get ready to dive into themed one-week programs that explore the creative components of arts & crafts, music, and performing arts. Your child can embark on adventures as “Pirate Fever” or go an an adventure in “Lost in Space” in our imaginative themed weeks.

Perfect Balance: Our schedule is designed to balance indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring your child is engaged and having a blast in a safe and age-appropriate setting. Our programs offer a unique blend of activities and facilities that set us apart from any other camp. With sprawling spaces that allow kids to run and play freely, from tennis courts and open fields to a dedicated archery range and a well-equipped gymnastics center, there’s no shortage of fun to be had.

Something for Everyone: We believe in catering to all skill levels and interests. Brooks TV opens up opportunities to be in front of the camera or dive into the world of filming and editing. If your child is a born performer, our various production-focused programs will let their talents shine. And for those with a passion for the technical side of theater, CREW is the place for you! At CREW, our mission goes beyond teaching theater; we aim to empower you to become confident, creative, and responsible leaders both on and off the stage.

Age-Appropriate Programs: Our programs are tailored to your child’s age, ensuring they learn and grow in a supportive environment. We offer four distinct groups:

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Personal & Professional Growth

Hands-on Learning

The Stages & Studios team is dedicated to helping our participants elevate their artistry and excel in their chosen craft. Our approach is simple yet powerful: we’ve assembled a diverse and highly experienced team of theatre professionals who are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge.

Our faculty comprises theatre professionals with an invaluable depth of knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the field. When you join us, you’re not just attending a program; you’re embarking on a journey to learn from the very best the area has to offer. Our goal is to transform you into a triple threat performer, equipped with the skills to shine on the stage.

At Brooks, we understand that art is a deeply personal form of expression and creativity. Our teaching professionals are committed to providing a platform for students to explore the visual and performing arts as a craft of self-expression. It’s not just about learning techniques; it’s about discovering your unique voice in the world of art.

Concentration on the arts

Create, Play, and Grow

At Stages & Studios, the sky’s the limit when it comes to exploring the world of theatre, music, and visual arts. Join us, and embark on a transformative journey that will leave you with a profound appreciation and deep understanding of the arts. Our meticulously designed schedule is aimed at broadening your horizons in the visual and performing arts, all while fostering social and emotional growth.

Our youngest participants in the Junior Players (ages 5 to 8) and Playmakers (ages 8 to 10) groups are in for a treat. In addition to their immersive arts experiences, they’ll also have the opportunity to partake in traditional camp activities. From organized games to gymnastics, tennis, and even swimming, our schedule is carefully curated to ensure a well-rounded and engaging experience, all under the guidance of dedicated youth development professionals.

For our Showstoppers (ages 11 to 13) and Teen Ensemble (ages 13 to 15) groups, it’s all about honing your craft and empowering you to become a confident, creative, and responsible leader both on and off the stage . Our technique-based classes will provide you with the essential building blocks, teaching you the elements of performing in a musical or working behind the scenes. From character study, vocal technique, and movement, to crafting unforgettable productions, our comprehensive program caters to beginners and pros alike.

With our four distinct groups, we ensure that instruction is age-appropriate. Every child receives guidance in an environment that encourages their personal growth, challenges them, and equips them with invaluable performing, public speaking, and social skills.

Join us at Stages & Studios and let your artistic journey take flight. Register today and set the stage for a summer filled with creativity, growth, and self-discovery!

Weekly Showcase

Long-Lasting Memories

For our youngest participants, the focus of Stages & Studios is on exploring creative arts through the lens of a thematic week. Each session will culminate in a showcase that celebrates the children and highlights all of their artistic experiences and work into one event. For our older groups, each session culminates in a workshop performance or showcase. Performances are open to friends and family members.


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