Day Camp

New England’s premiere, traditional summer camp, the Brooks School Day Camp serves children ages 3 to 14.

Diverse Groups

Small Groups

Leveraging the expansive 270-acre Brooks School campus, our expertly trained group counselors guide young adventurers through a meticulously curated activity itinerary tailored to their specific age group. We recognize that every child is unique, and we go the extra mile to ensure they have an exceptional experience. Children are thoughtfully grouped together based on their birth year, birth month, school, and even friend requests, fostering diverse and inclusive communities that inspire new friendships and a sense of belonging.

Extraordinary & Unique


Our dedicated and highly-qualified team of activity experts meticulously curate and oversee every experience to deliver the utmost in quality and enjoyment. Daily activities are thoughtfully tailored to each age group, ensuring they are both developmentally appropriate and utterly captivating. Our range of activity areas spans from the tried-and-true classics to the truly extraordinary, offering your child a summer at Brooks that not only lets them indulge in their passions but also encourages the discovery and expansion of new interests. Your child’s journey with us is a boundless exploration of fun and personal growth.

Day Camp Cornerstone

Swim Program

At the heart of our day camp lies an exceptional swim program that sets us apart. Every child’s swimming ability is thoughtfully assessed, and they receive personalized morning swim instruction led by our dedicated team of American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. In the afternoons, our campers have the chance to enjoy free-swim sessions in our two expansive outdoor pools, with vigilant supervision from our certified lifeguards to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Your child’s aquatic experience at our camp is a blend of expert guidance and carefree exploration in the water.

Three girls with sunglasses in the pool smiling
Fun-Filled Experiences

Themed Weeks

In addition to our fantastic array of activities, we create unforgettable and cohesive experiences every week, centered around engaging themes that foster camaraderie among our counselors and children. These themed weeks feature exciting dress-up days, all-camp gatherings, and exclusive activities that infuse each day with excitement and adventure. The week culminates with a delightful Friday tradition – your child can look forward to either an ice cream sundae extravaganza or a sizzling hot dog cookout, adding a scrumptious touch to their camp experience. We invest great care and creativity into our special events calendar to ensure that whether your child joins us for one week or the entire summer at Brooks, each session is marked by exceptional memories and cherished moments.


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