Ages 13-17

The Leaders-in-Training program helps participants develop and hone their leadership skills, build confidence, and show responsibility as a role model.

This program is designed with the idea that leaders are made, not born. At Brooks, we develop lifelong leaders over a three-year process, each year is compounding on the previous year’s work. Participants will gain skills that extend beyond Brooks and follow them through all aspects of their life. The Leader-in-Training Program from the first year to the third provides teens with a variety of mentored healthy experiences in a safe, outdoor environment that is supervised by highly skilled professionals. After successfully completing this three-year program, LITs, who are at least 16 years old, are encouraged to apply for a staff position.

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Year 1

LITs, in their first year, spend half of their day participating in a structured and supervised training program. During training is where LITs have the opportunity to begin to develop their leadership skills, gain confidence within the group, and learn the essential qualities of being an active youth development professional. These daily training sessions are led by our two first-year LIT Counselors.

When not in training, LITs are assigned to camp groups where they work alongside Brooks staff. By working side-by-side, the LITs have the opportunity to apply the skills gained during training and to observe experienced counselors. By strategically designing the Year One experience, LITs see how best practices in youth development are applied to real-world situations.

Year 2

LITs that have successfully completed the first-year program are welcome to participate in the second-year LIT program. During year two, the diversity of experiences increases, and LITs are placed in a variety of camp settings. The focus during the second year is on leadership development, camper management skills, and growth in facilitation skills while working in a variety of activities.

Three times per week, all second-year LITs come together for leadership training. This training is focused on specific strategies for working with campers, including learning effective positive behavior management strategies, practicing active listening, effective communication, and understanding the age characteristics of children.

Year 3

The third year of the LIT program is the culmination of the training process. Year three marks a shift from the two previous years, with the LITs, now spending the majority of their day engaged within groups and activity areas. Coming together twice per week, leadership training guided by the program supervisor, focuses on strengthening each LIT’s confidence in being a leader. By the conclusion of this program, LITs are expected to take initiative and embody a variety of strategies and skills that make them a role model who is an organized, positive, and effective communicator.

It is the goal of the LIT program, that graduates possess effective management strategies, conflict resolution, self-responsibility, and exemplary communication skills. Participants will notice significant changes in their outlook as they progress through this program and become more aware of how to give back and engage with others. At Brooks, all LITs have an opportunity to experience being a leader within a positive, supportive community focused on youth development.

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