Ages 13-17

The Leaders-in-Training program is a transformative journey designed to empower participants in cultivating leadership skills, nurturing self-confidence, and embracing the role of a responsible role model.

At Brooks, we firmly believe that leaders are not born but made. Our unique program is structured over three years, with each year building upon the foundation laid in the previous year. Through this comprehensive experience, participants develop skills that transcend their time at Brooks, shaping their growth in all aspects of life.

Our Leader-in-Training Program takes a holistic approach, offering teenagers a range of mentored, healthy experiences in the safety of our outdoor environment, meticulously supervised by highly skilled professionals. After successfully completing this three-year program, LITs who are at least 16 years old are encouraged to take the next step by applying for a staff position. This program serves as a springboard to a future of leadership, growth, and success.

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Year 1

In their first year, our Leaders-in-Training (LITs) immerse themselves in a structured and closely supervised training program that occupies half of their day. This dedicated training period is where LITs begin to cultivate their leadership abilities, build confidence within the group, and absorb the fundamental qualities of being a proactive youth development professional. These invaluable daily training sessions are expertly led by our two first-year LIT Counselors.

Beyond their training, LITs are actively integrated into camp groups, where they collaborate closely with our experienced Brooks staff. This hands-on involvement allows LITs to put their newly acquired skills to the test and glean insights from seasoned counselors. By thoughtfully crafting the Year One experience, we ensure that LITs witness firsthand how best practices in youth development are seamlessly applied to real-world situations. It’s a holistic approach that prepares them for a future of leadership excellence.

Year 2

LITs that have successfully completed the first-year program are invited to embark on an enriching journey in our second-year LIT program. Year two is all about expanding horizons, as LITs find themselves in a diverse array of camp settings. The focal point shifts to honing leadership abilities, mastering camper management skills, and fostering growth in facilitation skills, all while engaging in a wide range of activities.

To further enhance their development, second-year LITs convene three times a week for dedicated leadership training. This intensive training delves into specific strategies for effectively engaging with campers, including mastering positive behavior management techniques, practicing active listening, refining communication skills, and gaining a deeper understanding of the age-specific characteristics of children. It’s a year of profound growth and learning, preparing our LITs to be exemplary leaders in the world of youth development.

Year 3

In the third and final year of our LIT program, we witness the culmination of the training process. Year three represents a pivotal shift from the preceding two years, as LITs now immerse themselves in group activities for the majority of their day. Gathering twice a week, our program supervisor leads the way in leadership training, with a profound focus on bolstering each LIT’s self-assuredness as a leader. By the end of this transformative program, we expect our LITs to take the initiative and embody a diverse range of strategies and skills, ultimately becoming role models who are organized, positive, and effective communicators.

Our LIT program is committed to equipping graduates with a skill set that includes effective management strategies, conflict resolution, self-responsibility, and exemplary communication abilities. As participants progress through this program, they will experience a profound shift in their perspective, becoming more attuned to the art of giving back and engaging with others. At Brooks, every LIT is granted the opportunity to step into a leadership role within a positive and supportive community, with a shared focus on youth development. It’s a transformative journey that sets the stage for a future marked by leadership and impact.

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