Partner Programs

Conference Center

The Brooks School Summer Conference Center hosts highly acclaimed and nationally recognized conferences. Our focus is on supporting the continuing education of independent school educators. The Summer Conference Center is currently home to the Diversity Directions Seminar and the Stanley H. King Institute.

Intensive & Transformative Experience

Stanley H. King Institute

Since 1998 Brooks School has been proud to host the Stanley H. King Institute for Independent Secondary Schools. For over fifty summers, this Institute has been offering educators an intensive and transformative experience through which they learn to help students navigate the adolescent passage. Current dates and the online application can be accessed directly from the Stanley H. King website.

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Intellectual Strength & Emotional Engagmenet

Diversity Directions Independent School Seminar

For over ten years Brooks School has been home to The Diversity Directions Independent School Seminar.  Through combining intellectual strength and emotional engagement, the Seminar team helps schools develop a common language to examine the personal, interpersonal, and institutional factors that can advance or impede a school’s diversity initiative, and gives participants approaches and methods to design systems, enhance climate, and ensure lasting progress.

The Seminar’s size and schedule is designed to allow each individual the opportunity to be heard and supported in both full seminar and small group sessions. Team leaders meet their small groups each day to discuss the large group experiences, exploring how the ideas and strategies being presented can be applied to their own schools.

The inside of a conference building
Athletic Facilities

The Brooks School Athletic Complex offers extensive indoor and outdoor facilities, a 50,474 square-foot athletic center, a rowing center, and a hockey rink that converts to an indoor arena. The Brooks School Athletic Complex currently hosts a number of national sports programs each summer.

If your organization is interested in operating a program, we encourage you to submit a Facility Rental Request.

Basketball court at Brooks School Summer Programs
An athletic facility at Brooks School Summer Programs
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