What you Learn from Getting On Stage

What you Learn from Getting On Stage

Some of the most fun and memorable parts about day camp are the new experiences you get to explore. At the Broadway at Brooks: A Summer Theatre Workshop, not only do you get to explore a new creative passion, but you get to share it with everyone through workshop performances. Brooks School Summer Programs loves its theater program for just this reason. Discovering theater and performing is one of the most rewarding experiences in growing up, and there are so many things you carry with you as you progress through life. Of the many things you learn in our theater workshop program, these are the ones that stand out the most to us.


One of the best things kids learn from being a part of a stage production is the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and command their presence. This is one of the experiences that gives you charisma you can carry with you well into adulthood. Everyone from the leading role to members of the chorus will gain confidence from the experience of wowing an audience.


A key skill that comes in handy is being able to communicate effectively with a team to accomplish a great goal. Discovering a passion for performing a show and telling a story will take our campers leaps and bounds in fostering future creativity.


As with all cool projects, it can’t be done alone. Anything creative or inventive always benefits from many different voices and viewpoints that help a brilliant piece come together. When our campers collaborate together in our performing arts classes, they always learn how to make the best performance.


One of the best skills in life is being able to think of things on the fly. This skill goes beyond the theater, and helps down the road with meeting new people, job and college interviews, and numerous other social occasions. Finding the fun in improvisation on stage is one of the best things to explore at a young age.


One of the most fulfilling and rewarding things to have in childhood is a great imagination. One of the ways Brooks School Summer Programs cultivates imaginations is through writing imaginative characters, scenes, and stories. Our theater workshop program fosters a great atmosphere for writing collaboratively with other theater students, and we love seeing those performances come to life.

Above all, we feel that there is so much you can learn about yourself from getting on stage. You can learn how to make yourself expression thrive, and how to boost your creativity. Discover more about Broadway at Brooks: A Summer Theatre Workshop.