Art and Creativity at Our Summer Camp

One of the most invaluable parts of summer camp and enrichment programs is the opportunity for children and adolescents to explore different interests, skills, and avenues of creativity. Summer camp art activities are a great outlet for many campers to develop imagination and self-expression. 


Our top priority at Brooks School Summer Programs is to provide students with various channels of creativity, growth, and learning—whether it be in the classroom, on the playing field, or on the stage. Our summer acting program, Stages & Studios, along with our Day Camp Arts & Crafts programs (serving ages 3-14), are exciting ways to spark creativity for kids. 


Learn more about summer camp creative workshops at Brooks and how they help kids’ artistic expression blossom each year. 


Arts & Crafts at Summer Camp

In the Brooks School Day Camp, children flourish in a supportive atmosphere, acquire new skills, stir interest, make friends, and journey through memorable summer adventures. Activity areas range from the traditional to the unique. A summer at Brooks will allow your child to expand their interests and inspiration. Full-day and half-day options are available!Boy in an art smock that is covered in paint.

Creative Workshops

At Brooks, campers are encouraged to test the limits of their imaginations as they explore different facets of creativity through painting, crafts, and more. Qualified art instructors with years of experience use a hands-on approach as they guide and encourage students to experiment with different mediums. 

Two girls holding arts and crafts projects.

Setting the Stage for Group Art Projects

In our Stages & Studios program, the only limitations are one’s imagination. We welcome students to explore theater, music, and visual arts and leave with a new appreciation and understanding. A team of industry professionals leads each program and lends their talents and experience to ensure participants are supported in achieving their artistic potential. 


Throughout the summer, Stages & Studios provides a variety of one-, two-, and three-week programs. Productions of classic titles from Annie Kids to Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Legally Blonde will develop young actors’ singing, acting, and dancing skills. 


Thematic one-week programs explore the creative components of arts & crafts, music, and performing arts in themed weeks such as Legendary Creatures—a week-long adventure that allows campers to access every ounce of their creativity to bring to life different creatures (think mermaids, dragons, werewolves, and more!) through art and performance.


While building new skills and learning confidence are top benefits of participating in Stages & Studios, another reason why we highly encourage students to hit the stage is for the group work it entails. Sure, sports are a great way to practice teamwork, but it almost always involves competing against someone else. The beauty of theater is that kids can learn to work together as a team towards a common goal. 


As campers quickly learn, everyone’s roles matter in the theater world—from lights and backstage production to the creative props and the performances delivered on stage. Everyone must play their role—no pun intended—in order to make the team and the performance stronger as a whole. When everyone’s work comes together, it creates a beautiful and impactful result. 

Children painting on a table

Build Confidence Through Art

One of our favorite things to witness at Brooks is how much confidence is built through art. When kids can use their creativity to fuel their work and are given autonomy to express themselves, they’re given the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Theater and the performing arts, in particular, are some of the best ways to teach campers confidence and build their self-esteem. In order to perform, students must learn how to present themselves on stage—speaking loudly, clearly, and in a confident manner. Even if a camper isn’t on stage, they’ll experience a sense of achievement when they see how much their jobs backstage contribute to a great performance. 

Kids performing arts and crafts at summer camp

Unleash Your Creativity at Brooks

The summer season is a great time for students to unwind from the regular school year, but it’s also an opportunity for kids to explore their interests, creativity, self-expression, and identities. Art, including crafts and the performing arts, is vital to a child’s development as it stimulates their creativity, promotes self-esteem, and connects them with others. 

The wealth of knowledge to be gained from our teaching professionals at Brooks School gives students a chance to explore different facets of expression and creativity. To take advantage of our hands-on learning experience, get in touch with us today to learn more!