Skills You’ll Learn in Our Summer Acting Program

Brooks School Summer Program’s Stages & Studios is an immersive experience for those interested in exploring the many facets of the visual and performing arts as well as participating in a traditional summer camp environment. See what you’ll learn when you enroll in our summer acting program. 

What are the Performing Arts? 

First thing’s first, it’s important to understand what exactly the performing arts include. Simply put, the performing arts are a way for someone to express an opinion or feeling through means of performance. This can include things like:

  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Public speech
  • Mime
  • Puppetry
  • And more

So, why are performing arts important? Performing arts programs can be extremely beneficial for children, not only as an outlet for creativity but also as a hands-on way to learn valuable life skills. Kids who participate in the performing arts are often quick thinkers and can experience improved self-esteem. Being a part of the performance process from start to finish exposes children to a new way of thinking and expressing themselves that can benefit them in the classroom and as they navigate friendships.

What is Technical Theater? 

Technical Theater, sometimes referred to as stagecraft, involves all visual, mechanical, and auditory production aspects of theater that supplement the acting, writing, and directing—essentially acting as the backbone of a production. 

Technical theater comprises about five primary elements, though sometimes these are broken down into subcategories, including scenery, lighting, costumes, props, and sound engineering.

Behind the scenes is where the real magic happens, from speedy costume changes to illusions to breathtaking scenes, stagecraft brings live performances to life.

Useful Skills Learned from Technical Theater

Like any other team-oriented activity, technical theater allows kids and teens to gain useful skills that are not just applicable to theater, but to all facets of life! Here are three skills your child or teen will practice while learning about technical theater:

1. Leadership

Surrounded by other individuals their age, kids are able to support and provide peer mentorship for each other in a judgment-free zone, which is essential for personal growth.

2. Communication

In theater, as in any setting with interpersonal relationships, it is essential that all members of the production have fine-tuned communication skills. In this setting, kids learn how to give and take direction, receive feedback, and are encouraged to become creative problem solvers—all of which contribute to them becoming better communicators. 

3. Time management

Another crucial skill not just in theater, but in all areas of life is time management. During our Stages & Studios summer camp program, students learn how to manage their time in tandem with working cross-functionally with a team. 

Stages & Studios

Stages & Studios is an immersive theater experience for children interested in exploring the many facets of the visual and performing arts while simultaneously participating in a traditional summer camp environment. 

The program welcomes newcomers and seasoned performers, and it’s a great opportunity if you’re looking for summer acting programs for beginners. For those interested in exploring visual and performing arts or working behind the scenes on a production, the numerous offerings of Stages & Studios will fit your interests.

A team of industry professionals leads each program and lends their talents and experience to ensure participants are supported in achieving their artistic potential. Throughout the summer, Stages & Studios provides a variety of one, two, and three-week programs. Productions of classic titles from Annie and KIDs to Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Chicago will develop young actors singing, acting, and dancing skills. Thematic one-week programs explore the creative components of arts and crafts, music, and performing arts in themed weeks.

Why Is a Variety of Skills Important in Acting? 

Much like any other industry or job, many actors include a “special skills” section on their résumés. According to acting teachers, talent managers, and other industry experts surveyed by Backstage, having a unique skill or a set of skills can make a huge difference in your acting career and getting the roles you want. 

For example, if you’re interested in a musical role, you should be able to dance, sing, or play an instrument, depending on the role requirements and characteristics. When you have unique, specialized, or various skills, it will give you some more credibility and help you land the part. 

If you’re new to acting or just starting to think about how you can enhance your acting career, evaluating what skills you’d like to master will open up more possibilities and help you mold your career path. Wendy Braun, founder of ActorInspiration.com, says: 

“Ultimately, the skills that make you the most appealing and castable are the ones you have mastered and those you love doing. Instead of trying to figure out what “they” want, ask yourself, ‘Where do I want to go in my career and what skills do I need to get there?’ When you begin with the end in mind, you’ll have a more specific idea of what best next actions you need to take.”

This is why our acting program at Brooks focuses on building various skills that actors should have if they’d like to further their careers. Students can carry these skills beyond camp to help them in their acting careers, work, school, and life. 

Develop Your Skills at Brooks Stages & Studios

The wealth of knowledge to be gained from our teaching professionals in Stages & Studios gives students a chance to explore visual and performing arts as a craft of expression and creativity.

Join us this summer to hone singing, acting, and dancing skills through technique-based classes, and learn the elements of performing in a musical with blocking, acting instruction, scene and character study, vocal technique, and movement- for beginners to pros! Every student will be challenged and take away valuable performing, public speaking, and social skills.

Don’t pass up this hands-on learning experience—get in touch with us today!