The Benefits of Getting Outside This Summer From Boston Summer Camps

For kids, summer is a time for fun, spending time with friends, and soaking up the warm weather outdoors.

You may already know that fresh air and sunshine are great for kids (and people of all ages for that matter), but do you know just how beneficial getting outdoors this summer can be? Here are a few of the benefits children and teens can experience by spending time outside a few hours a day and how Boston summer camps can be the perfect place to do this.

Improves Physical and Mental Health

It may come as no surprise to hear that when kids spend more time playing outdoors it can positively impact both their physical and mental health. The former is because being outside naturally gets kids active. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer screen, kids are encouraged to play and use their imagination while they move around and get fresh air.

At the same time, this also helps with their mental health. Time and time again, studies have shown that kids and teens who spend more time outdoors score higher with regard to social functioning and self-esteem.

Reduces Stress

Connecting with nature also directly affects our stress levels. Some experts explain that urban environments, and even places like schools, require direct attention. For most kids, this forces them to ignore distractions, which can be mentally exhausting. This being said, in nature, kids and teens often experience an effortless type of attention that creates feelings of pleasure rather than fatigue.

Boston summer camps can be the perfect place for kids to connect with nature and feel more at peace after this incredibly stressful year.

Build Confidence

No matter if it’s participating in a team sport, scavenger hunt, or nature walk, spending time outdoors helps kids build confidence. This is mainly because playing outdoors is much less structured than indoor play. Kids can play without the limits that come with playing indoors and control the direction their activity takes.

Along with building confidence, spending time outdoors can also help kids get in touch with their creativity and imagination. While there are rules in place at Boston summer camps to keep campers safe, they are encouraged to explore their passions and take ownership of their actions to grow their confidence and independence.

Creates a Respect for Nature

Summer day camps that emphasize outdoor activities also help foster a respect for nature among campers. As kids play outdoors, they learn to value the environment, how to treat it well, and the importance of leaving areas cleaner than when they arrived. This lesson can last a lifetime and help kids become conscientious about the environment as adults.

About Brooks School Summer Programs

Boston summer camps should be all about outdoor adventure with some learning along the way. Brooks School sits on 270 acres of pristine nature on the shores of Lake Cochichewick so campers have plenty of fresh air and room to safely spread out as they learn and play. Through its dedication to offering the highest-quality youth development programs, devoted staff, and emphasis on outdoor activities, Brooks has achieved its place as the leader in summer programs.

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