What It’s Like to Attend Summer School

What is summer school like at Brooks School Summer Programs? We’ve outlined exactly what you can expect.

What is summer school for? 

Sometimes, students are interested in strengthening skills beyond what’s learned throughout the regular school year. Sometimes, they’re in need of improvement in struggling subjects. That’s where summer school comes in. 

Summer school has been around and offered educational benefits for centuries, but with the drastic increase in remote learning, screen time, and isolation over the past two years, supplemental learning, socialization, exploration, and time outdoors is crucial for students. 

While summer school tends to get a bit of a bad rap, it can actually be incredibly beneficial for any student — from exceeding expectations or needing a bit of an extra hand outside of the traditional school year. In other words, summer school can do wonders for both average and atypical students, which include: English language learners, students who are missing credits, students with learning difficulties, and gifted students. 

Summer school can serve a number of purposes and goals — in elementary and middle school, it’s often used for remedial instruction. This means that students have the chance to make up learning lost through absence or failure. On the other hand, high school students can enroll in summer classes for preparation for upcoming courses. 

What is summer school like at Brooks School Summer Programs?

Brooks Summer School Programs offers a traditional summer camp experience, but it’s much more than that. Brooks School provides a co-educational, college preparatory program for 380 students on a 270-acre campus overlooking Lake Cochichewick.

During the academic year, Brooks is defined by small classes that allow students to work closely with teachers, fostering a relationship that is at the core of the warm, close-knit community. Recognizing the need for a local, high-quality summer camp, Brooks founded the Office of Summer Programs in 1971.

What do you do in summer school?

Today, Brooks Summer School offers a variety of courses, focusing on academic enrichment and student-centered learning.

Small class sizes, limited to a maximum of twelve students per class, and highly qualified instructors, creates the perfect learning environment to advance academically. Through our extensive portfolio of both traditional and advanced courses, Brooks Summer School creates a tailored academic environment that is right for your child. At Brooks, it’s all about learning instead of credit.

At Brooks, we offer a well-rounded curriculum, with courses in English, Math, programming, robotics, and SSAT — overseen and taught by our experienced program team. From 9 am – 12 pm each day, students will attend classes. You can build the course schedule that works best for your child’s needs. For the second half of the day, from 12:30 pm – 4 pm, they have the option to return home, or they can transition into day camp to socialize outside with their peers, learn skills, and explore interests outside of the classroom. To get a better idea of what a typical day at Brooks would look like for your child this summer, take a look at our sample 2022 Summer School Schedule:

Summer Class Schedule

See you this summer! 

Now that you’ve got the rundown on summer school and how it works at Brooks, we hope to see you this summer! A summer at Brooks will allow your child to not only do what they enjoy but expand their interests. 

Registration is open and spots are filling up. Enroll sooner than later to get your first pick on programs and times. The good news? Registration is extremely easy, taking about only 10 minutes to complete. 

Designed to meet diverse interests, abilities, and needs, our portfolio of is unmatched. Make Summer 2022 one of growth and fun — this is your chance to give your child a custom summer camp experience. 

Stay in the loop about timelines and everything we’ll be doing throughout program sessions by taking a look at our 2022 Program Calendar