Your 2022 Back to School Checklist

It’s official—summer has come to an end and it’s time for a new school year. Hopefully, your child is reaping the benefits of a strong season of summer school and feels confident heading back to class. 

Whether they just wrapped up summer sessions or haven’t been to class since the spring, the start of a new school year can be overwhelming for both parents and students. Between back-to-school supplies, lunches, paperwork, medical requirements, transportation, and more, there’s a lot to juggle and prepare. 

With so much going on, it can be hard to keep your head on straight. That’s why we’ve put together this handy back-to-school checklist so you don’t forget a thing. Feel free to print this out as your back-to-school guide, hang it on the fridge, and check things off as you get them done—you’ve got this! 

1. The Basics

  • Call your child’s school with any pressing questions you have 
  • Confirm what the first day of class is, what time your child should arrive, and transportation plans 
  • Enroll your child (if she is not already registered from the previous year)
  • Fill out emergency contact sheets and any other required and/or time-sensitive forms

2. Medical Requirements

  • Make sure your child has gotten their yearly physical exam and is up-to-date on all required immunizations
  • Get your child’s vision checked before school starts if they are due for an exam 
  • Notify the school about any allergies, medications, or conditions that your child has

3. Back-to-School Supplies

  • Check the school website or call for a list of required supplies
  • Buy a new backpack for daily supplies and lunch if your child doesn’t already have one
  • Review the school dress code
  • Buy school uniforms and gym clothes
  • Make sure to have a lunch box if you plan to pack your child’s lunch 

4. Learn More About the School

  • Learn the name of your child’s teacher(s) so you can start to become familiar with them. Then, find out what their preferred method of communication is, so you know how you can best reach them, and what to expect when receiving information about your child 
  • Know what your child is expected to learn in the upcoming year 
  • Familiarize yourself with the information on the school website, e.g. the 2022-2023 calendar 
  •  Note the phone numbers for checking school closures or reporting absences
  •  Find out the procedure for taking your child out of school early
  •  Read the school handbook and make sure your child understands the rules

5. Schedule or Arrange Transportation

  • Let your child know what the plan is in terms of getting to school so that they feel prepared
  • Bus: Make sure she knows where and when to be picked up before and after school
  • On foot: Walk the route together and review pedestrian safety guidelines
  • Arrange a carpool if necessary and introduce your child to the other adults and children
  • Compile contact information of parents who can pick up your child in an emergency

Get Ready for Another Year of Growth & Fun

It may feel overwhelming at first, but our best advice is to take back-to-school prep one step at a time. Hopefully, this checklist helps you do that by relieving some pressure. 

Even if you have one or two tasks yet to be completed by the time class is in session, everything will come together! You can always refer back to the list after the year has started. 

Before you know it, another school year will have flown by and we will be excited to welcome students back to Brooks School Summer Programs! Keep an eye out for our updated 2023 Summer Schedule to plan ahead and allow your child to continue learning and advancing their skills during the summer. Have a great year!