10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Summer Camp

Choosing a summer camp for your child to attend is no small feat. After all, this is where they will be spending the majority of their summer break, so it’s important to find the best summer camp to help them learn, grow, and, above all, have fun.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of how to choose a summer camp for the upcoming season. 

How to Choose a Summer Camp Checklist

These are just a few of the things to look for when choosing a summer camp for your child or teen to attend:

1. Traditional vs. Specialty Camps

First thing’s first, when choosing a summer camp for your child it’s important to keep their interests in mind. Do they want a traditional camp experience full of a variety of fun activities, or would they benefit from a specialty camp with a focus on things like math, science, or drama? 

2. Day vs. Overnight Camp

You will also have to decide between day or overnight camp. Day camp tends to be more flexible, but it ultimately depends on what your child is comfortable with and your existing summer schedule.

3. Personal Development

How much emphasis does the camp place on personal growth and development? Look for camps with leadership training programs and other opportunities for your child to hone important skills that will also translate to the classroom and beyond.

4. Activities

Before committing to a camp, it’s important to understand what a day in the life of a camper is like. This can help you understand if it’s a good fit for your child’s abilities and interests. Best yet, go through the activities list with your child to see if anything piques their interest!

5. The Camp Environment

What kind of camp environment will your child thrive in? Some camps are very rugged, while others are all about modern amenities. Additionally, some camps are located in mountain areas or around bodies of water, while others have miles of outdoor fields.

6. Accreditation 

Make sure the camp you choose for your child is accredited by your local Board of Health. This accreditation means the campus is extremely high-quality and has had its facilities, safety policies, hiring, and programs reviewed by professionals to meet the state and town’s high standards.

7. Fun

Of course, summer camp should also be about fun. Talk with other campers, families, and counselors to see what fun activities or traditions the camp has to offer and if it aligns with your child’s summer expectations.

8. Food Service

Will food be provided? This is especially important to know if you’re sending your child to day camp. Additionally, will your child’s dietary restrictions or allergies (if any) be accommodated?

9. Transportation

Choosing a summer camp for your child should also be about choosing a camp that is convenient for your family! Ask about transportation options to better understand if you will need to drive your child to and from camp every day or if drop-off and pick-up services are available (and if so, where and what time).

10. Budget

Of course, another important part of choosing a summer camp for your child is ensuring it works for your budget. Always ask about a breakdown of price and any specials the camp may run throughout the year (like a discount for early enrollment).

About Brooks School Summer Programs

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