Camp Activities to Help With Anxiety

At Brooks, we understand that life’s responsibilities and tasks can create a lot of stress. Especially when growing up, the world is changing every day, and there are a lot of things to look forward to.  However, having a lot of things to look forward to also means a lot of nervousness.

That’s why our day camp activities are especially made to make sure that we’re always getting outside, having refreshing, engaging activities, and relieving our stress in healthy, productive ways.

The ways we do this is through our curated schedules, assortment of activities, and leadership programs that do more than help everyone forget about the stresses of everyday life, but go a step further and help everyone develop skills to cope, and thrive, both on their own and with others.

Here are just some of the activities we have that helps our campers relax, and develop new skills to deal with anxiety in a healthy way.


At Brooks School Summer programs, our outdoor games and sports are very collaborative and engaging. Archery is one of the biggest in that regard, as there are many components to archery that deal with being centered, focused, and relaxed.

A big part of archery is focusing on your breathing, and being completely in the moment.  Our archery instructors teach our campers the importance of taking your time, and using your center to find your shot.

Archery is a stone’s throw away from meditation.  We feel that learning the skills of archery are one of the best ways to practice letting the outside world go, and finding your center.


Outdoor sports is a fantastic way to have a lot of fun this summer. Our sports from soccer, flag football, and other outdoor games are great ways to learn teamwork, and otherwise get lost in the game.

Sportsmanship is all about being in the zone.  Being in the zone is the feeling athletes get when they feel completely in the game, that their movements feel natural, and they can sense where they need to be, and are playing at their best. This feeling is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety both on, and off the field. The experience of being in the zone carries through to moments off the field as well, and lets campers know they can do their best no matter which field they’re on.

Arts and Crafts

When not playing sports, Brooks School Summer Programs has a number of activities that help our campers focus their creativity and imagination, which are fantastic tools for mitigating anxiety.

Chief among these is our arts and crafts activity. The projects our campers work on are always fueled by inner creativity and a blossoming mind. We feel that the skills of allowing your mind to prosper and bringing creativity to life with arts and crafts tools is one of the best ways to put the mind at ease, and create something beautiful in the process.


Learning how to swim is a very important skill for growing up. It keeps us safe, and opens up a world of summer activities for us.  But swimming itself, being underwater, and having fun with others, can let us get lost in the fun, and is fantastic when it comes to having a carefree time.

Performing Arts

While it might not seem like it at first, the Performing Arts is one of the best ways to learn how to reduce anxiety.

When we first think about what it takes to get up on stage and put on a performance, we might get anxious at the idea of stage fright.  But in fact, the act of learning the skills, rehearsing, working with a cast, and putting on a show can help our campers learn that they have what it takes to put on a performance and captivate an audience.

This is how it helps to overcome anxiety.  Learning you can perform in front of others is one of the most daunting tasks for those growing up and feeling nervous.  Learning the ropes can show you that you have what it takes to do anything.

All these activities and more are all in store this summer at Brooks School Summer Programs. Discover more about the summer sessions and see what works for you.